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Our service department performs all types of repairs including periodic maintenance, regular repairs, heavy repairs, or total refurbishment of all types of equipment. We offer complete engine work or replacement/upgrade, driveline problems, transmission, drive axle, electrical system, hydraulic work, and custom fabrication. We offer in shop and field service and specialize in forklifts, earth moving and construction equipment, tractors, and most other types of heavy equipment.


Extensive Forklift Parts for All Makes and Models PJL’S staff can help you find the part you need, no matter the make or model of your forklift. We offer our parts at a discounted, price to our customers and we also offer our customers next-day delivery on most items to get your forklift up and running in no time! With a large inventory, expert repairs, high-quality rentals, and competitive rates, PJL strives to provide personal and exceptional customer service to ensure all your forklift service needs are met. Contact us today for a rental quote or to learn more about how we can help you fulfill your material handling needs.


Precise, Professional Engineering Services Let PJL Services utilize state-of-the art technology to design and simulate your next project. Our comprehensive engineering services ensure accurate design, installation and planning of your project and accommodate any changes or alterations along the way. Combined with our systems integration and project management experience, you can count on PJL Services to help you to achieve efficiencies and cost savings throughout the course of your project from the initial evaluation through installation and post-implementation support and training


Forklift Maintenance Program At PJL Services, we offer excellent Preventive Maintenance plans, designed to save you money in the long run. Make your investment last longer through regular maintenance. We keep maintenance logs and track it’s history. We will notify you at regular intervals to schedule your preventive maintenance. Our Forklift Maintenance Program includes: Greasing the grease points, Changing the oil & filter Replacement of filters (if needed) Greasing the fittings compliance check (horn, back-up alarm, strobe light, seat belt, parking brake, gauges, chains, overhead guard, back-rest, operators manual and do a brake skid test). Measuring to make sure the forklift is within specifications Grease & Lube (mast, steer-axle, drive shaft). Blow out engine & radiator with compressed air, Clean Battery terminals. We specialize in all your parts needs, especially hard to find parts. Our technicians are always happy to help.


Forklift Rebuilding Process: a visual inspection is carried out at client’s premises. We then compile feedback and submit a quotation.(PLEASE NOTE THAT THE QUOTE IS BASED ON A VISUAL INSPECTION ONCE MACHINE HAS BEEN STRIPED A REVISED QUOTE WILL BE DONE TO INCLUDE ALL FAULTY PARTS THAT WAS NOT SEEN IN VISUAL INSPECTION). Upon approval unit will be collected and the rebuilding process will start. Preparation prior to removal of parts, We wash and clean the unit, then Strip all major components, Remove existing paint(can be sand blasted if customer request), crack test, prepare chassis for assembly primer and paint, Replace all parts that is worn as per quotation, get engine overhauled, Strip and recondition transmission, steering axle and mast. Recondition all hydraulic cylinders & valves, overall braking system completely and reseal hydraulic pump. Replace all hydraulic hoses, renew hydraulic oil. Flush and clean radiator, Replace cooling hoses, Rewire unit completely, fit new gauges and lights, complete assembly of unit, test all functions, rectify if necessary, set hydraulic pressure to factory specifications, send unit for load test certification. No work will be carried out without authorization from client. 


New and Used Forklift Equipment Sales in South Africa. At PJL Services we offer new and used equipment to meet your Material Handling needs. We offer you state of the art equipment featuring: Gasoline / LPG Forklift Trucks, Heavy Duty Diesel Forklift Trucks, Electric Forklift Trucks, Warehouse Equipment Including Narrow Aisle and Reach Trucks. We can help you decide on the best purchasing option for your business. 

Latest Project


The Beginning of something BIG

We started a project alongside some other investors to create a machine that will soon lead the market in the retail and other industries

The Beginning of something BIG

As we finished most of the steel fabrication we waited on some parts before we can start the wiring process.

The Beginning of something BIG

During the process of building the machine we soon realized that it was more difficult than it looked like on paper, But we were not going to give up.

The Beginning of something BIG

The wiring process was started as every one wanted to see the machine in motion.

The Beginning of something BIG

As we kept on building the machine we could soon see the light at the end of the tunnel, and started to get real exited as the machine that would soon change the industry take shape.

The Beginning of something BIG

Once all the wiring was completed and some testing done, We stripped the whole machine down and it was given its final cote of paint and came out beyond every ones expectations and it looked good.

The Beginning of something BIG

After loads of long hours we could finally see what all the hard work came to and it was something different


Our final product came as a huge success and is busy with the testing phase we are a small company proud to say the we have launch a machine that will soon dominate the industry.



We have build a machine that was made for the conditions and platforms we have in South Africa. The last year we had quite an exiting experience with the machine we designed and build as a joint operation between GP Retail Operations and PJL Services. The first obstacle we had was the AC motor (IMPORTED) we fitted, unfortunately it did not work out as the vibrations and heat did not count in our favour regarding the speed sensor, and windings inside the motor. We then fitted a DC motor witch does not have any sensors or sensitive parts.

The DC motor is much more suitable for the conditions and platform our machine is currently working in. The machine has been running for a while with no problems what so ever. 

We have build a robust machine that can handle most obstacles in regards with pulling almost any thing with wheels.  

I am confident that MKHULU will keep up to its name which means the BIG ONE. We will be seen as one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers in tow  tractors in the near future.